The next generation in smart contract platform for untraceable privacy-oriented transactions, from a secure platform to anonymous clouds and IoT.

The Quras project has been evolving and expanding its reach to provide a smart and secure solution for a wide range of different applications. It began with a passion to create a secure, anonymous blockchain for the healthcare industry, by achieving a level of previously unobtainable security and efficiency - helping healthcare service providers revolutionise their data storage - Quras is now ready to change the way businesses and individuals define “secure”. Utilising an open source approach, Quras gives the user complete control over the management of their own rights, data and assets, while ensuring the utmost protection from any external interference.

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We take our users’ peace-of-mind seriously and can ensure Quras is using anonymous technologies, such as ring signature, zero knowledge proof, Tor etc. By using the latest advancements in user security, Quras allows for complete anonymity when it comes to transactions and communication, giving the user a newfound level of control and protection over their assets.

File storege

Building upon traditional online storage technology (such as AWS) and utilising the latest distributed network technologies (such as Tor) - Quras ensures no risk of security breaches or leakage from the server. Our file storage encryption is world class and is a more secure way to share/store data and complete transactions.

Private Contract

Our smart contract system allows for anonymous transactions within the Quras platform. A small transaction fee in accordance to the holding amount is charged when a transaction is initiated by the token issuer using their tokens, this is used to maintain the sustainability of the system. Users can also harness our smart contract system to create distributed applications across Quras.

Cross Chain

Interoperable chains initiate a system where transferring assets from one platform to another or payment-versus-payment, and payment-versus-delivery schemes or accessing information from one chain inside another. Interoperable chains can be worked in multiple ways such as centralized or multi-sign notary schemes, sidechains/relays or hash-locking.


There are many possibilities implied as the application of this technology. Quras team is now building the apps for Quras blockchain use case and community. You can even earn Quras coin and other cryptocurrencies simply by taking a walk on the streets. Users can also enhance their community through playing games, practicing a real trade, chatting and calling via P2P and being connected socially.

Anonymous OS

We develop extensible open-source system for deploying and operating permissioned blockchains with fabric which is written in Go and uses the gRPC framework for communication between clients, peers, and orderers. For Quras framework we will implement an anonymous framework using power of dotnet technology and use Quras network on it

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Wallet Release 2nd Quarter 2018 Explorer Release 2nd Quarter 2018 Torrent 3rd-4th Quarter 2018 DAG Protocol 1st-2nd Quarter 2019 Application Test 1st Quarter 2019 Anonymous Browser ETC 3rd Quarter 2019 Concept Creation 1st Quarter 2017 Technical Research 1st Quarter 2017 Blockchain Testing 3rd Quarter 2017 Zero Knowledge Proof 1st Quarter 2018

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